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A Trio of Success Stories.

In the world of dentistry, collaboration and strategic partnerships can lead to remarkable success. In this exclusive interview with the Dental Forward editorial team, we sit down with four visionary doctors...

In the world of dentistry, collaboration and strategic partnerships can lead to remarkable success. In this exclusive interview with the Dental Forward editorial team, we sit down with four visionary doctors – Dr. Harshana, Dr. Shahmin, and Dr. Usha and Dr Suda Rajan from Pinnacle Dental – who joined forces to open dental clinics under the umbrella of Pinnacle Dental Group. They share insights into how this partnership has positively impacted their financial standing, the importance of selecting the right location, and the seamless licensing and inspection processes with the Ministry of Health (KKM).

Financial Success with Pinnacle Dental Group:

Opening a dental clinic requires significant financial investment, but Dr. Harshana, Dr. Shahmin, and Dr. Usha found a winning formula with Pinnacle Dental Group. As Dr Harshana points out, the main obstacle with starting any new clinics is the financial need upfront and with the winning formula as explained by Dr Suda all initial funding was provided by Pinnacle Dental Group so there was no upfront expenditure from the respective doctors and this allows them to focus on their clinical aspects and not worry about funding.

One of the main benefits by pooling resources and creating a shared platform, the trio has benefited from collective bargaining power and negotiated outstanding rental rates for their clinics as explained by Dr Suda. Overall this has not only eased the burden on their individual budgets but has also contributed to the overall financial success of their respective practices.

Choosing the Ideal Location:

Location is a critical factor in the success of any dental clinic. Driven by a strategic vision, the establishment of clinics are in Malls and hypermarkets, a unique choice that has proven to be a game-changer. Dr. Shahmin explains, “Being located in hypermarkets has exposed our clinics to a diverse and expansive clientele. It’s convenient for patients and has significantly increased our visibility, leading to a steady influx of new clients.” From day one we have seen a steady increase in patient flow in the clinic. The partnership with Pinnacle Dental Group played a pivotal role in securing these prime locations, providing the doctors with unparalleled access to foot traffic and ensuring a constant stream of potential patients.

Retaining 100% of Clinic Revenue:

One of the standout features of the Pinnacle Dental Group model is that the doctors retain 100% of the revenue generated by their clinics. Dr. Usha expresses gratitude for this unique aspect, stating, “Retaining full control over our earnings has empowered us to reinvest in our clinics, upgrade equipment, and enhance patient care without financial constraints.”

Exit Plans and Future Prospects:

Discussing final exit plans, Dr. Harshana highlights the flexibility within the partnership. “Pinnacle Dental Group has provided a clear pathway for potential exits, allowing doctors to gracefully transition out while ensuring the continuity and success of the clinics,” he explains. This foresight into exit strategies provides a sense of security for the doctors, allowing them to plan for the future with confidence.

Smooth Licensing and Inspection Processes with KKM:

Navigating the bureaucratic processes involved in establishing and running a dental clinic can be challenging. However, the doctors praise Pinnacle Dental Group for streamlining licensing and inspection procedures with the Ministry of Health (KKM). Dr. Shahmin notes,“The support from Pinnacle Dental Group has made the licensing and inspection processes remarkably smooth. It reflects their commitment to ensuring compliance while reducing administrative hurdles for the doctors.”


The success stories of Dr. Harshana, Dr. Shahmin, and Dr. Usha within Pinnacle Dental Group exemplify the transformative impact of collaborative ventures in the field of dentistry. From financial benefits to strategic location choices and seamless regulatory processes, their journey highlights the advantages of working together under a shared vision. As Pinnacle Dental Group continues to redefine the landscape of dental practice, these doctors serve as inspirational figures for those looking to embark on a similar path of collective success.

If you are keen to have a chat with Dr Suda Rajan on potential partnerships or even to have a chat over coffee just to get some perspective and advice, you can reach out to him at pinnacledentalmy@gmail.com or +60166040249

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