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An Interview with Ann Bruck

Gain insights from an interview with Ann Bruck, 3M General Manager. Explore her leadership strategies, industry perspectives, and innovative approaches shaping the future of 3M.

“I have the pleasure to hold the role of Global Director, Scientific Affairs and Education for 3M Oral Care Solutions Division. I started with 3M in 2008 and have worked with key opinion leaders and industry leaders in the development of peer to peer education for both dental and orthodontics. The most energizing part of my role is developing innovative learning opportunities for dentists and orthodontists around the world in both virtual and in-person symposia. Professional education has changed over the last decade and we are committed to reaching customers with valuable learning that improves patient outcomes while ensuring efficiency and consistency in the clinicians’ every day practice”.

Please share an overview of 3M Oral Care.

At 3M Oral Care, we promote lifelong oral health by developing innovative dental and orthodontic solutions that help simplify your procedures and deliver predictable clinical outcomes. With a history of leadership in the dental and orthodontic industries and a scientific approach to product development, we create high-quality, advanced materials to keep your patients smiling. For dental: Named the most innovative company in the dental industry worldwide for ten consecutive years, 3M products offer dental professional predictability and control for optimized patient outcomes. For Orthodontics: With over 75 years of experience in Orthodontics, 3M is committed to delivering custom, flexible aesthetic treatment solutions that showcase your expertise and ensure precise outcomes.

What does Scientific Affairs mean?

The role of Scientific Affairs in 3M is responsible for acceleration of scientific evidence with healthcare professionals and the development of peer to peer education opportunities around the globe. Clinicians learn by sharing their experience with each other and patients want to know that their dentist is well trained in the most advanced technologies. By providing education and training to dental professionals, both the clinician and the patient win.

Acceleration of scientific evidence begins at the earliest stages of commercializing a new product, ideation. 3M works with a robust network of clinicians and academics through advisory and panel discussions to ensure that our pipeline of new products answer pain points for the clinician and are relevant for both the doctor and the patient. This work requires cross functional collaboration with our business teams, scientists, and marketing to maintain thought leadership in the industry and build brand awareness and loyalty among industry leaders. Education can help dental professionals understand the benefits and best practices for using 3M solutions, which leads to consistent procedures with safe and effective use of our product solutions.

What are your thoughts on the importance of education in shaping the future of dentistry?

It is critical for dental manufacturers to support education amongst peers. Well-educated dental professionals are better equipped to provide high-quality care and improve patient outcomes. By investing in education, 3M can help support industry standards and best practices, which can benefit the entire dental industry!

Ann Bruck

Global Director, Scientific Affairs

and Education Manager,

3M Oral Care Solutions Division.

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