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Business Advise

The Bonding Dentists Project

By Dr. Jolene Lai Many have asked me why I started the Bonding Dentists project. I have always found joy in connecting people...


Revolutionizing Smiles: A Journey Through Malaysia’s Dental Evolution

By Dr Firdaus Hanapiah Dental education isn’t just about technical excellence; it’s about fostering a human connection between dentists and patients. Surgery, he...

Business Advise

Navigating the Legal Landscape

Setting up and managing a private dental clinic is a multifaceted endeavour that requires careful planning especially when it comes to navigating its...


Life! Outside of Dentistry

Dr. Army’s Thrilling Adventures: Scaling Peaks and Nurturing Smiles A vacation break from routine work is a wonderful way to clear your mind...

Dental Community

Asian Congress of Aesthetic Dentistry 2023

Asian Congress of Aesthetic Dentistry 2023 was held from 17th to 19th November 2023 at Cinnamon Grand Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka. The theme...


Championing Lifelong Education

Don't Change What Is Right To Fix What Is Wrong


More Than Meets The Teeth

As the field of dentistry advances with new technology and equipment enabling ever more complicated procedures, so too must the education of dental...

Business Advise

Employee Retention Strategies For Retaining Your People In Your Workforce

Employee retention refers to the ability of an organisation to retain its employees and prevent them from leaving the organisation voluntarily. It is...

Business Advise

Decoding The Best Business Structure For Dental Practitioners

A dental practitioner has the freedom to adopt different business models for operating a clinic – this could be in the form of...

Women In Dentistry

The Journey of Self Discovery in Dentistry.

The First Journey: The Beginning of Dentistry The very early days of our dentistry journey begins from the time we decide to embark...