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Dental Community

The Vision Asian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (AAAD)

I got the first issue of Dental Forward Magazine last month at the 17th AAAD biennial congress in Sri Lanka, and the Editor...

Business Advise

The Bonding Dentists Project

By Dr. Jolene Lai Many have asked me why I started the Bonding Dentists project. I have always found joy in connecting people...

Business Advise

Securing Your Dental Insurance

A Vital Call for Dentists in Malaysia As we kick off 2024, it’s time for dentists across Malaysia to reflect on their professional...


Revolutionizing Smiles: A Journey Through Malaysia’s Dental Evolution

By Dr Firdaus Hanapiah Dental education isn’t just about technical excellence; it’s about fostering a human connection between dentists and patients. Surgery, he...


The Future of Digital Dentistry

Exclusive Interview with Apex Digital Dental Co-founder, Ms. Zoe Chou – General Manager Interviewer: Welcome to our exclusive interview with Apex Digital Dental! We...


The Maverick of Dentistry

By Prof Dato’ Dr Mohamed Ibrahim Abu Hassan Welcome to the dazzling journey of dental education, where every year brings a new chapter...

Dental Community

The Malaysian Dental Association at the 44th Asia Pacific Dental Congress

The Malaysian Dental Association participated in the 44th Asia Pacific Dental Congress ( APDC) 2023 & 12th Hong Kong International Dental Expo and...


Championing Lifelong Education

Don't Change What Is Right To Fix What Is Wrong

Business Advise

A Trio of Success Stories.

In the world of dentistry, collaboration and strategic partnerships can lead to remarkable success. In this exclusive interview with the Dental Forward editorial...