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Women In Dentistry

Embracing Harmony with Dr. Ratna Sundaram

Dr. Ratna Sundaram brought a burst of positivity and energy to our chat with the Dental Forward editorial board, sharing her vibrant insights...


Breaking Glass Ceilings

By Prof Dr Rosnah Binti Mohd Zain “The proliferation of social media has led to a surge in patient self-diagnosis and management, often...

Dental Community

The Malaysia International Dental Show (MIDS 2024) is ready to unfold on May 15 to 17, 2024, this year promising to be bigger and better than before.

The show will take place at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre (SPCC) in Sunway City, a top-notch venue that provides the prefect setting for...


Sebaris: Revolutionizing Smiles with Clear Aligners

About SEBARIS Clear Aligners In the realm of dental excellence, Sebaris is committed to delivering superior-quality clear aligners that adhere to the highest...


Life! Outside of Dentistry

Dr. Army’s Thrilling Adventures: Scaling Peaks and Nurturing Smiles A vacation break from routine work is a wonderful way to clear your mind...

Business Advise

Being A Maternity Leave Dentist (A Freelance Dentist)

By Dr. Jolene Lai It is an age-old problem: a female dentist in private practice going on maternity leave, fretting about her patients...