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Inside Malaysia's First BTS-Themed Dental Clinic

As someone who has been a ‘fangirl’ since I was 7 years old, I am eager to prove to anyone concerned that you can also be successful by pursuing what others may deem useless. I am Dr. Nursyuhada, a graduate of the University of North Sumatera, and a proud member of the BTS ARMY. I own Malaysia’s first BTS-themed dental clinic. I come from a very modest family background, especially in terms of education, but I have always been a daydreamer. I have always believed that every person I idolize is also human, just like me. So if they can succeed in doing what they love, why can’t I? When you idolize someone, you tend to understand their well-being and the hardships they face. Those hardships definitely serve as motivation for me.

Every dentist loves everything related to teeth. BTS members happen to enjoy brushing teeth, and they were once ambassadors for a toothbrush brand. I became aware of them because of that, but I officially joined the BTS ARMY in March 2021. It was after watching their reality show called ‘In The Soop,’ where they were taking a break during the pandemic. They were not dressed up as they usually are for official shows or concerts. Instead, they cooked, did chores, played, and ate together, just like on a family vacation. From there, I could see that they were showing their true selves. I then delved deeper into learning about them, and before I knew it, I had become someone notable among their fans. I even traveled to South Korea just to visit places related to them. I once attended one of their shows without a ticket, just to listen to them from outside, yet it brought me happiness.

“You’ll be alright, oh this here is the Magic Shop. You gave me the best of me, so you’ll give you the best of you. So show me, (I’ll show you)” – Magic Shop, BTS

I admire their sincerity not only towards their fans but also towards themselves and their work. Since I have been a fangirl for years, I believe this is the first time I have felt truly appreciated. I have learned a lot from them, especially about motivation. Their lyrics always make me feel like I have someone who will always support me. Getting to know them has made me reflect on my old self, as someone who has always been a dreamer, chasing after things that others might consider crazy.

I have always been passionate about the things I love to do, and seeing how closely my life aligns with theirs makes me feel understood. It’s like saying, ‘it’s okay, BTS had it tough too.’
It still feels surreal to me when my patients mention, ‘this clinic is our magic shop.’ “Magic Shop” is a song BTS wrote for us, their fans, to tell us that they are our magic shop, so if we fall down or feel sad, it’s okay because there’s a magic shop for us.

Q: What motivated you to infuse your dental clinic with the outlook of BTS, a renowned Korean band?

I wanted to have the best of both worlds. What could be more blessed than going to your workplace, which is filled with merchandise of your favorite band? Moreover, owning such a workplace is a dream come true. Additionally, since dentists are often feared by many people, I hoped that by creating a cheerful ambiance through displaying my personal collection of BTS merchandise, I could at least alleviate some of the anxiety associated with dental visits.

Q: How do you believe the clinic’s ambiance, inspired by BTS, contributes to patient comfort and relaxation during their visits?

I put myself in the shoes of the patients. I, myself, love going to places related to BTS as such places undoubtedly bring comfort and happiness. For fans, visiting places related to their idols is akin to establishing a connection with them.

Q: Could you walk us through some of the key design elements or features of your clinic that reflect BTS’s outlook?

Firstly, the clinic’s color scheme: soft pink, blue, and yellow. These are the colors used in their music video for the song ‘Boy with Luv.’ Secondly, the glass at the end of the walkway is inspired by their music video ‘Fake Love.’ The iconic ‘Save Me’ wording, when flipped, reads ‘I’m Fine.’ Thirdly, the waiting area features chairs in seven different colors, representing the colors of their microphones according to the fan chant. Fourthly, frosted tinted designs adorn the glasses. In the front area, I have incorporated teeth designs with the initials of their names on one side and some of my favorite lyrics from their songs on the other. The design on the glass in the surgery room is inspired by their album cover, ‘Love Yourself: HER.’ Additionally, as purple is BTS’s color, the dental chairs and cabinets in the surgery room are purple.

Q: In what ways do you ensure that the clinic’s design remains professional and conducive to dental care while incorporating BTS-inspired aesthetics?

By incorporating abstract touches of BTS into dental care, such as the color scheme of the walls, designs on the glasses, and photos of them brushing teeth, ensuring that they do not interfere negatively with dental care.

Q: How do you balance the desire for a unique and aesthetically pleasing environment with the practical requirements of a dental practice?

I focus more on the design and arrangement of the areas outside the surgery room, as it is a crucial space for dental procedures to take place.

Q: Have you observed any notable reactions or feedback from patients or visitors regarding the clinic’s BTS-inspired outlook?

Yes, there was a time when my patient was humming a BTS song while I was extracting her tooth. I have also received patients from neighboring countries such as Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia.

Q: Could you share any challenges you encountered during the process of transforming the clinic’s appearance to reflect BTS’s outlook, and how you addressed them?

Challenges directly related to the BTS outlook were minimal, as most of the designs were done by me. However, there were some hiccups when the final appearance didn’t match what my interior designer had envisioned. Nevertheless, I was still happy to decorate the clinic with whatever BTS-related items I had in my collection.

Q: How do you integrate BTS-inspired design elements into the clinic’s branding and marketing efforts, if at all?

Honestly, since I am a fan of BTS myself, I created a space that was more for myself initially. However, it inadvertently benefited others, especially their fans, and thus created its own brand and marketing.

Q: Do you believe that the clinic’s BTS-inspired ambiance has influenced patient engagement or retention in any way?

In a way, yes. For example, patients with braces look forward to coming every month just to see the merchandise and experience the BTS ambiance. Most of my patients are not from nearby; they are willing to travel to the clinic.

Q:Are there any plans for further developments or enhancements to the clinic’s design to align with BTS’s envolving style or image?

Of course. Currently, the clinic’s design reflects more of my personal interests, especially in terms of design. Since this clinic is like my first baby, I am still gaining knowledge and experience in dental practice. I believe that in the future, I will be able to blend both dental care and BTS elements in a much more sophisticated manner. Who knows, maybe I could even collaborate with BTS in dental care, which would certainly bring more development to the clinic, not just in terms of design but also in its overall image.

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