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Embracing Harmony with Dr. Ratna Sundaram

Dr. Ratna Sundaram brought a burst of positivity and energy to our chat with the Dental Forward editorial board, sharing her vibrant insights on balancing her roles as a dentist, entrepreneur, and family woman.

Dr. Ratna Sundaram brought a burst of positivity and energy to our chat with the Dental Forward editorial board, sharing her vibrant insights on balancing her roles as a dentist, entrepreneur, and family woman.

Q: Hey, Dr. Ratna! We’re thrilled to have you here today. Your journey into owning multiple clinics and leading over 35 practitioners sounds incredible. What sparked this adventurous entrepreneurial spirit of yours?

Absolutely delighted to be here! The journey has been nothing short of amazing. Early in my career, I realized dentistry could be more than just a traditional practice. I saw opportunities to enhance both patient care and the business side of things. Dive into entrepreneurial waters, I did! I took over my first practice in SS2 Petaling Jaya in 2017 marked the beginning. It wasn’t a cakewalk initially, but hey, what journey worth taking is, right?

I feel incredibly fortunate to have joined forces with the Isihat group back in 2018, and our collaboration has been thriving ever since! Our team has grown significantly, and I must express my gratitude for working alongside such a proactive and understanding group. Their hands-on approach and support make my role immensely enjoyable and fulfilling. This journey has been incredibly rewarding, and I am always eager to share my experiences with the younger generation, hoping that they can glean valuable lessons from my mistakes as they navigate their own paths.

Q: Juggling clinical work, entrepreneurship, and family – now that’s a balancing act! How do you keep the energy flowing and manage it all so smoothly?

Balancing the clinical and entrepreneurial dance can be a challenge, but with a sprinkle of effective strategies and a dash of time management, it’s totally doable. Identifying priorities in both roles and creating a schedule with dedicated time blocks for each aspect keeps things grooving. Realistic goals are my secret sauce – breaking down big tasks into smaller victories, celebrating with the team. It’s like having a dance party after each successful routine!

Q: Running a dental practice involves more than just perfecting patient care. How do you keep the business side thriving without compromising on clinical excellence?

It’s like a finely choreographed routine! A stellar team is my dance partner here. Building a strong team, committed to high clinical standards, is non-negotiable. Continuous learning is the rhythm – ongoing training, open communication, and regular team meetings to sync our moves. Staying updated on dentistry’s latest hits and attending workshops on practice management – that’s our way of staying in tune.

Q: Entrepreneurial spirits often crave growth. How do you manage the pressure to expand without burning out?

Growth is like the beat of our music – crucial but sustainable. Realistic goals and mindful milestones keep us in check. Taking breaks, fostering a positive work vibe, and making sure we’re all dancing to the same rhythm helps prevent burnout. It’s all about finding that sweet spot for growth without losing the groove.

Q: Balancing work and personal life is an art. How do you maintain that vibrant work-life balance?

It’s like a colorful canvas! Prioritizing self-care and personal time, setting boundaries, and regularly reassessing priorities keeps the colors vibrant. Oh, and hitting the gym a few times a week – that’s my way of turning up the volume! My adorable 5-yearold keeps me on my toes, and having a supportive family adds extra splashes of joy to the mix.

Q: For dentists eyeing entrepreneurial adventures, what advice would you share to keep the dance floor lively without losing the rhythm?

Start with a bang – a solid plan and a clear vision. Dance with a fantastic team, seek guidance when needed, and keep your well-being at the center stage. Finding balance is like learning a new dance move – an ongoing process. With thoughtful planning and a commitment to self-care, you can shine in both your dental practice and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Q: Thank you, Dr. Ratna, for filling our conversation with your positive vibes and valuable insights. Your journey is a true inspiration for those looking to face the multifaceted world of dentistry.

Absolutely my pleasure! I hope my journey adds a little shimmy to the steps of those embarking on this incredible dental adventure. To everyone who is trying out there, there will always be ups and downs but hey as Kelly Clarkson says, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Finally, but certainly not least, here’s a quote I always keep close to serve as a reminder whenever I find myself in need.:

You Dream, You Plan, You Reach. There will be obstacles, there will be doubters, there will be mistakes but with hard work, with belief, with confidence and trust in yourself and those around you there will be no limits.

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