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Inside The Mind of MDIA’s Leader

I entered the dental industry back in 2012, where I had the opportunity to collaborate with my brother, a dentist in Singapore, on an innovative startup venture. I have witnessed the transformative impact of dental technologies and innovations firsthand. My journey in the dental field has been driven by a passion for advancing oral healthcare and enhancing industry standards. Over the years, I’ve held various positions in Malaysia Dental Industry Association (MDIA), including serving as the 1st Secretary General, Founder and 1st Exhibition Chairman for the Malaysia International Dental Show (MIDS), and Deputy President. My journey has been driven by a commitment to industry excellence and elevating standards. Now, as President of
INSIDE THE MIND OF MDIA’S LEADERMDIA, where I aim to leverage my expertise and leadership to further elevate the dental industry in Malaysia and the region.

My primary goals align with the association’s vision, mission, and objectives. These include creating business opportunities, fostering collaboration, driving innovation, and advocating for the interests of our members. I am dedicated to promoting industry excellence, enhancing business and educational/speakers opportunities through our exhibition and conference, and amplifying the voice of the dental community. Additionally, I seek to expand MDIA’s influence regionally and internationally, positioning it as a leading force in the dental industry.

I plan to advocate for our members by actively engaging with key stakeholders such as government agencies, regulatory bodies, dental associations, universities, event organizers, media, and industry partners. Through strategic partnerships and effective communication channels, I will ensure that our members’ concerns and priorities are effectively addressed and represented.

Pressing issues facing MDIA include regulatory compliance, industry competition, and technological advancements. To address these challenges, I will focus on providing targeted support and resources to help members navigate regulatory changes, adopt emerging technologies, and enhance their competitive edge through our exhibitions, conferences, and networking opportunities.

I will foster collaboration and engagement by facilitating regular networking events, knowledge-sharing sessions, and collaborative projects among our members and industry stakeholders. Activities such as our annual seminar and event launches with talks serve this purpose. By creating a platform for open dialogue and idea exchange, we can harness collective expertise to drive industry growth and innovation.

I plan to enhance opportunities for members by expanding our exhibitions and conferences, which serve as their main sales channels and provide business and educational/speakers opportunities. Additionally, I will facilitate access to resources, funding opportunities, and advocate for policies that promote industry growth and sustainability.

Specific initiatives include monitoring online sales of unregistered/illegal dental devices, submitting complaints to authority and their implementation of dental device annual inspection at dental clinic by Cawangan Kawalan Amalan Perubatan Swasta (CKAP) & Medical Device Authority (MDA) and launching new educational programs such as subsidizing members on sponsored speakers during our exhibitions and conferences. Additionally, we plan to expand our international presence through strategic partnerships with key industry events, enhancing member benefits, and strengthening advocacy efforts. For instances, our collaboration with Dentech Shanghai and Dental South China Guangzhou, members will get VIP passes/stamps to access to VIP lounge, enjoy some snacks, drink or even lunch/coffee treat during these events.

I will work closely with other dental and healthcare organizations to identify common goals and areas of collaboration. By fostering partnerships and alliances, we can leverage collective resources and expertise to address shared challenges and advance the interests of the dental industry as a whole. Collaborations with organizations like the Malaysia Private Dental Practitioners Association (MPDPA) for 2 events and MAHSA University’s Faculty of Dentistry are already underway, coming to 5 events.

I will take proactive steps to diversify MDIA’s revenue streams, streamline operational processes, and maximize cost efficiencies. Additionally, I will explore opportunities for sponsorship, grants, and partnerships to enhance financial sustainability and ensure that MDIA can continue to support its members and activities effectively.

I will employ a multi-faceted approach, including direct engagement with policymakers and authorities, participation in industry forums and conferences, and leveraging media and public relations channels. MDIA’s representation in the Medical Device Authority-Industry Collaborative Committee (MICC) further strengthens our advocacy efforts, ensuring that the dental industry’s voice is heard at all levels of governance.

Transparency and accountability will be ensured through governance structures, audits, and reviews. A culture of open communication and accountability among committee members, stakeholders, and members will be fostered. Clear and transparent reporting mechanisms will be prioritized to ensure accessibility and understanding of our operations.

My take-home message is that the dental industry is undergoing rapid transformation, and it is crucial for all stakeholders to work together to seize the opportunities and address the challenges ahead. As President of MDIA, I am committed to championing the interests of our members and driving positive change that benefits the entire dental community.

MDIA’s inception in 2015 was partly motivated by the need for a platform to have control over our sales channels and to address regulatory requirements. The idea for MIDS originated from a collective desire within MDIA to create a premier platform that brings together stakeholders from the dental community, both locally and regionally. MIDS aims to showcase the latest advancements in dental technology, facilitate knowledge exchange, and promote industry excellence. Through MIDS, MDIA seeks to foster collaboration, drive innovation, and elevate the profile of the dental industry.

As CPD points conferences continue to grow in number, dentists increasingly prioritize conferences that offer high-quality education, relevant topics, and networking opportunities. MIDS differentiates itself by offering a comprehensive program featuring renowned international speakers from at least 10 countries, the latest trends, discount by cash voucher program, good content within the exhibition (such as 360 video booth, speaker corner, coffee area and business centre), incorporating CSR program and innovations curated by industry experts. Additionally, MIDS provides a unique platform for dentists to engage with leading suppliers, explore cutting-edge technologies, and exchange best practices. These factors make MIDS a must-attend event for dental professionals seeking to stay at the forefront of their field.

MIDS is positioned as the leading international dental show in Malaysia and the region, offering unparalleled opportunities for knowledge exchange, networking, and business development. The value of MIDS lies in its comprehensive program, featuring top-tier speakers, interactive workshops, and a diverse exhibition showcasing the latest products and innovations in the dental industry. Our unique selling propositions include our focus on education, innovation, and industry collaboration, making MIDS the premier destination for dental professionals looking to enhance their skills, explore new technologies, good offering, and drive industry excellence.

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