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One-Click at a Time Serving Convenience For Every Dentist

Experience unparalleled convenience for dentists with our product. Revolutionize your workflow one click at a time, streamlining operations and enhancing patient care.

Convenience For Every Dentist.

In the dynamic world of dentistry, staying at the forefront of innovation is not just a
choice but a necessity. Imagine a digital marketplace where dental practitioners can
access a treasure trove of over 5000 products, catering to every dental specialist
– welcome to 32Clicks, where convenience meets excellence for every dentist. We take
pride in providing an intuitive and hassle-free shopping experience. The 32Clicks
platform is designed with the busy dentist in mind. With a user-friendly interface and
detailed product information, finding the right tools has never been easier. Whether
you’re a seasoned practitioner or a dental professional navigating the early stages of
your career, 32Clicks is your go-to destination for all things dental.

100+ Renowned Global and Local Brands

With an extensive lineup of renowned brands like 3M, Shofu, GC, Pulpdent, Kerr, Ivoclar,
Germiphene, and many more, 32Clicks brings together the best the dental industry has
to offer, all under one digital roof. The platform’s commitment to offering a comprehensive selection ensures that dentists can find everything they need in one place, streamlining the procurement process and saving valuable time. This not only simplifies the ordering experience but also allows practitioners to devote more time to their patients, confident in the knowledge that 32Clicks has curated a vast and diverse range of products to meet their specific professional needs.

Cater for Every Specialist

Understanding the unique requirements of dental practitioners, 32Clicks is designed to
cater to the needs of every dentist. From orthodontics and endodontics to periodontics,
paedodontics, prosthodontics, restoratives, whitening, and even patient-centric products,
our website ensures that you can easily navigate through the categories relevant to your
field, making the shopping experience seamless and tailored to your preferences. 32Clicks
curates a user-friendly interface that simplifies the often intricate process of selecting the
right supplies, allowing dental professionals to make informed decisions that align with
their practice’s unique demands. The platform’s commitment to inclusivity ensures that
whether you’re an experienced specialist or a newly graduated dentist, 32Clicks provides
an all-encompassing marketplace that ensures no dentist is left wanting

Irresistible Offers for our Beloved Dentists

Every 5th of the month, 32Clicks hosts Clickathon, offering a generous 5% discount
storewide. The best part? There’s no minimum spending required, and there’s no maximum
redemption limit. This monthly extravaganza allows dentists to stock up on essential
supplies without breaking the bank.
To add to the convenience, 32Clicks unveils its Payday promotions, providing free shipping
on all orders with no minimum spending required. This ensures that on payday, dentists
can relish the convenience of receiving their supplies without the added expense of
Aligned with The Dental Academy, 32Clicks extends exclusive benefits to participants in
academy classes, providing them with special discounts of up to 10% on dental supply
orders. What’s more, there’s no minimum spending requirement, and participants receive
their exclusive coupon codes directly via email.

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