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Sebaris: Revolutionizing Smiles with Clear Aligners

Experience a smile revolution with Sebaris clear aligners. Explore how innovative technology and personalized treatment plans are transforming dental aesthetics.

About SEBARIS Clear Aligners

In the realm of dental excellence, Sebaris is committed to delivering superior-quality clear aligners that adhere to the highest dental standards, without putting a strain on your patient’s budget. Our unwavering dedication revolves around helping every individual in Malaysia to achieve their coveted smile, thanks to our extensive network of partner clinics. Collaborating closely with your practice, our team of seasoned orthodontists and technicians meticulously crafts personalized treatment plans for each patient.

Situated in the heart of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, the Sebaris manufacturing facility stands as a four-story stronghold with a workforce of 110 professionals. Having successfully produced over 200,000 aligners, our facility manages every aspect of the process, from meticulous molding and precise trimming to strategic planning and production tailored for dentists.

As the largest local manufacturer and distributor of aligners, Sebaris boasts a prominent presence with more than 45 partner clinics spanning across both east and west Malaysia. Our commitment to local production not only allows us to minimize material wastage but also keeps transportation costs at a minimum, reinforcing our dedication to sustainable and efficient practices.

Why Clinics Partner with SEBARIS

Marketing Activities

Sebaris orchestrates year-round marketing initiatives to maintain a prominent presence in the local aligner market and remain forefront in the minds of patients seeking clear aligners. Our integrated approach, combining digital strategies with an in-house contact center, consistently produces a robust pool of individuals expressing interest in our aligners. Leveraging an extensive network of partner clinics, we seamlessly guide interested patients to the nearest partner clinic, ensuring utmost convenience across Malaysia.

Locally and Progressively Manufactured

Sebaris enjoys a distinctive edge by locally manufacturing our aligners in Petaling Jaya. This proves advantageous to our partner clinics as it enables us to maintain low transportation costs, thereby contributing to an overall affordability of aligners. Additionally, our progressive production approach yields several benefits for our partners. Firstly, doctors gain enhanced control over treatment delivery compared to bulk production methods. Secondly, the alignment of production with case progression facilitates more efficient mid-treatment corrections. Lastly, our commitment to progressive production resulting in minimal material wastage allows us to exercise better control over costs and minimize environmental impact.

Clinical Consult with In-house Orthodontist

Sebaris embraces the philosophy that every partnership is a collaboration, recognizing that shared expertise is instrumental in delivering exceptional customer service. Consequently, all our partner clinics have access to our in-house Orthodontist, allowing them to consult on any questions, concerns, or doubts pertaining to our clear aligner treatment. This ensures a supportive and knowledgeable resource for our partners to enhance the overall quality of patient care.

Use of Scanning Machines

Sebaris offers the convenience of using our very own scanners to our partner clinics in Klang Valley currently, eliminating the need for them to purchase their very own to start doing clear aligners.overall quality of patient care.

Informational Collateral for Clinics

Sebaris meticulously develops and produces informative materials designed to address patient inquiries, educate the wider market, and foster trust in the realm of clear aligners. Our partner clinics have full access to this comprehensive collateral, saving them valuable time that would otherwise be spent on creating their own resources. These materials encompass a diverse range, including brochures, banners, booklets, TV images, door stickers, and more. Additionally, we remain responsive to the specific needs of our partner clinics, readily assisting in the creation of any collateral that may not have been developed previously. overall quality of patient care.

Collaborative and Simple Partnership with SEBARISRX Portal

SebarisRX Portal – your gateway to a new era of seamless patient care. Prepare to be captivated by our cutting-edge platform, meticulously crafted to not just meet but exceed the expectations of orthodontic professionals like yourself. All the complexities of case submission, simulation reviews, aligner purchases, and patient information management converge effortlessly in a single, intuitive space.

Gone are the days of toggling between multiple communication channels – with SebarisRX Portal, everything you need is at your fingertips. Experience the convenience of centralized coordination, where case submissions flow seamlessly into simulation reviews, aligner purchases are effortlessly managed, and patient information is organized cohesively. This unified approach not only saves valuable time but also enhances the overall precision and efficacy of your patient’s aligner journey. In the fast-paced world of orthodontics, information is key. SebarisRX Portal goes beyond the basics, offering a robust patient information management system that allows you to track and organize crucial data effortlessly. Additionally, our live chat feature allows you to reach our in-house Orthodontist and treatment planners in real time.

1. Onboard

When you become a Sebaris provider, you not only part of our extensive network of partner clinics but also enjoy the benefits of our comprehensive marketing support. This support ncompasses a variety of marketing collateral and a dedicated team of support staff to assist you along the way.

2. Upload

Simplify your workflow by uploading your patient’s scans to the SebarisRX portal. Our experienced treatment planners will seamlessly take over, allowing you to track the progress of your order conveniently from this centralized platform.

3. Select

Take control of your aligner treatment with our flexible credit system. Sebaris empowers doctors to choose the right package for their practice, minimizing concerns about aligner wastage. This flexibility ensures that you can tailor the treatment to meet the unique needs of your patients.

4. Shipped

Once your first set of aligners is ready, we handle the logistics from production to delivery. The aligners are shipped directly to your clinic, allowing you to focus on fitting your patients with their first set. With Sebaris, the entire process is streamlined, efficient, and designed to enhance the overall experience

New Advantageous Pricing Model

Our new pricing model, outlined in our Sebaris Pricing Guide, is designed to enable doctors to have greater control over how they utilize credits to order aligners as well as avoid losses when patients discontinue their aligner journey. Our pricing models are tiered by a credit system which also allows doctors to choose the most suitable package in accordance to their current demand for aligners, and easily upgrade tiers as demand increases. We introduced our 5 new tiers in 2024 namely Ultra, Pro, Plus, Lite and Entry. If you’d like a detailed view of our pricing guide kindly drop a note to admin@sebarisrx.com.

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