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The Future of Digital Dentistry

Explore the future of digital dentistry in an exclusive interview with Ms. Zoe Chou, General Manager and Co-founder of Apex Digital Dental. Gain insights into innovative technologies, industry trends, and the company's vision.

Exclusive Interview with Apex Digital Dental Co-founder, Ms. Zoe Chou – General Manager

Interviewer: Welcome to our exclusive interview with Apex Digital Dental! We have Ms. Zoe Chou, General Manager from the company, here with us today.

Q: Can you tell us about Apex Digital Dental and its focus in the dental industry?

A: Apex Digital Dental is a leading dental technology company specializing in digital dentistry solutions, including intraoral scanners, CAD/CAM systems, 3D printers, dental milling machines, and digital workflow management software.

Q: Could you explain what RAYFace is and how it benefits dentists?

A: RAYFace is a facial scanner tailored for dentists. It captures high-resolution 3D facial images to aid in treatment planning, smile design, and aesthetic evaluations, resulting in improved patient satisfaction and personalized treatments.

Q: How can RAYFace enhance the smile design process & orthodontic treatment planning?

A: RayFace offers dentists a comprehensive solution for both analyzing facial esthetics, lip lines, and facial proportions, and planning orthodontic treatments. This powerful platform aids in personalized smile designs that harmonize perfectly with each patient’s unique features, resulting in aesthetically pleasing results.

Q: Is RAYFace compatible with other digital dental technologies?

A: Yes, RAYFace seamlessly integrates with digital smile design software like Exocad and 3shape, intraoral scanners such as MEDIT, RAYIOS, 3shape Trios, Itero, CAD/CAM systems, and treatment planning software, facilitating a comprehensive digital workflow.

Interviewer: Ms. Zoe, as we all know that smiling is important, share more with us about TrioClear Clear Aligner, an innovative orthodontic treatment system.

Q: What makes TrioClear Clear Aligner a cutting-edge orthodontic treatment?

A: TrioClear is an innovative clear aligner solution and designed for a comfortable, progressive teeth transformation. The aligners are made of nearly invisible, BPA-free medical-grade material.

Q: How does the Progressive Clear Aligner system work in TrioClear?

A: Well, TrioClear is a revolutionary Progressive Clear Aligner System that works gradually to shift teeth comfortably. The aligners come in different levels of thickness, ranging from 0.5mm to 0.7mm, allowing patients to achieve their desired smiles step by step.

Q: What are the advantages of increased gingival coverage in aligners, and when might dentists choose non-gingival coverage aligners?

A: Improved gingival coverage in aligners enhances aesthetics, retention, and accommodates pre-formed buttons for crown height or lip line concerns. For specific treatment needs, dentists may opt for TrioClear aligners, offering added flexibility.

Q: What’s the process for placing buttons on TrioClear Aligners, and why is this method advantageous?

A: Trioclear’s skilled technicians place buttons directly on their aligners for seamless use with elastics and auxiliaries, eliminating the risk of debonding seen with traditional teeth-placed buttons. Placing buttons higher in the gingival area allows for varied biomechanics, and added cutouts and engagement hooks enable specific tooth movements.

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