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Unlock your potential with the growth mindset of Prof Dr Ngeow Wei Cheong. Discover insights into his approach to continuous learning and innovation in dentistry.

By Prof Dr Ngeow Wei Cheong

Over the past five decades, our journey has been nothing short of amazing! Imagine starting with just one dental school in 1971, and now we’re rocking a fabulous network of 13 schools. That’s right – we’ve been on an epic rollercoaster of growth and excitement! Our mission? Delivering kick-butt dental education
that turns dreamers into superstar dentists.

Back in the good ol’ days, dental education had to face some wild challenges – think limited resources, textbooks that cost an arm and a leg, and no Google to save the day. But guess what? Fast forward to now, and we’re living in a whole new world. Modern dental education is all about unlocking opportunities, diving into a treasure trove of online dental wisdom, and putting the spotlight on mind-blowing research during undergrad days. We’re talking skills, evidence-based mastery, and a touch of futuristic flair. The only downside? The cost of dental programs still does the limbo, especially in the private sector.

But hey, dental education isn’t just about getting ready for the hands-on stuff. It’s about arming the next generation of dentists with the skills and smarts to rule the world of dentistry for the next 5–10 years. And you know what makes this journey even more epic? Mentorship! Young dentists need those seasoned pros to show them the ropes and drop some wisdom bombs. With AI, digital magic, and robot pals shaking up oral surgery, mentorship is more crucial than ever for success in this mind-blowing field.

Now, let’s fast-forward into the future. AI is set to be the rockstar of dental education trends. It’s time to
groove with new techniques, embrace cutting-edge tech, and ride the wave of healthcare evolution. Future dentists, brace yourselves – digital dentistry skills are the new cool. And we’re not stopping there – collaboration is the name of the game. Dental and medical pros are teaming up for the ultimate patient care experience. We’re not just fixing teeth; we’re treating patients as whole beings with feelings and dreams beyond the oral cavity.

Sure, dental education might have different dance moves across the globe, but sharing the best moves is what we do best. A global perspective is our secret sauce, making dental education a universal party. After graduation, staying on top of the latest dental vibes through killer continuing education programs is a must. We’re giving props to current dental students and pros – keep the learning vibe alive in this crazy, fast-paced field.

The evolution of patient-centered care in dental education? It’s been epic! Since graduation, dentists are rocking a holistic approach that’s turning heads. Picture this – patient engagement where treatment plans are like a collaborative jam session within the big picture of holistic care. This shift is the heartbeat of our current dental curriculum, and we’re just getting started on this wild ride.

Mentorship plays an important role in guiding younger dentists. Recognizing the significance of mentorship for current students and dentists is crucial for their success. In recent times, we have seen so much new technology being developed with artificial intelligence (AI), the digital revolution, and robotics that has began to reshape the way we approach oral surgery.

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