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The Maverick of Dentistry

Discover the pioneering spirit of Prof Dato' Dr Mohamed Ibrahim Abu Hassan, the maverick of dentistry. Explore his innovative approaches, groundbreaking contributions, and lasting impact on the field.

By Prof Dato’ Dr Mohamed Ibrahim Abu Hassan

Welcome to the dazzling journey of dental education, where every year brings a new chapter of growth, innovation, and unstoppable energy! From humble beginnings with just one dental school in 1971, we’ve skyrocketed to a network of 13 schools, riding the waves of technology and unleashing a dental revolution that’s rewriting the rules of the game!

The Dance Of Evolution:

Back in the day, dental education was a hands-on affair, but fasten your seatbelts – technology has entered the stage! With the rise of AI, 3D printing, optical impressions, and digital smile design, we’re not just teaching; we’re crafting dental superheroes armed with futuristic tools. Haptics technology has turned student assessments into a fair and objective spectacle, setting the stage for a new era of dental excellence.

Student Days: Challenges And Triumphs

In the wild days of being a student, challenges were aplenty, but so were the victories! Our focus was on meeting requirements that would make today’s clinical demands look like a walk in the park. Competencybased curriculum? Oh, we’ve been there, done that!

Current State: Riding The Tech Wave

Hold on tight – our current dental education programs are a tech-fueled rollercoaster! Online learning has broken down walls, letting students access the wisdom of dental legends worldwide. COVID-19 might have thrown a curveball, but it only turned up the volume on our technological symphony.
Yet, with great power comes responsibility. Online materials are a treasure trove, but we’re waving a caution flag – don’t miss out on the magic of live lectures and the experience of brilliant teachers!

Professional Development: Sculpting Dental Mavericks

Step into the shoes of a dental professional! Our education wasn’t just about getting the technical bits right; it was a full-blown boot camp. Communication skills were as vital as clinical expertise, ensuring we could rock the patient-doctor dance like pros.Mentorship? That was our secret weapon, guiding us through the twists and turns of our dental journey.

Future Trends: Dancing Into Tomorrow.

Peek into the crystal ball, and what do we see? The future of dental education is a dance of mobility and credit transfers between institutions worldwide. It’s a global carnival of knowledge, where students benefit from diverse experiences across borders.
Adapting to changes in healthcare? It’s not a choice – it’s a must! Dental education is evolving to stay relevant in the ever-changing landscape.

Interdisciplinary Learning: Harmony In Collaboration

Say goodbye to discipline-based teachings – we’re in the era of patientcentered, integrated learning. Collaborating with healthcare pros is the new cool, and dental schools are turning into hubs of interdisciplinary brilliance.

Global Perspectives: A World Of Wisdom

Dental education might have different beats globally, but the rhythm is the same. Staff and student exchanges are like a global knowledge carnival, and organizations like SEAADE are bringing dental schools together to share their best dance moves.

Adapting To Changes A Symphony Of Progress

Adapting to changes in dentalpractices and technology is our forte. Conferences, training, and global adventures – that’s how we stay ahead of the curve. Our advice to the current dental crew? Embrace change like a dance partner, and let the rhythm of progress lead the way.

Patient-Centered Care: A Ballet Of Compassion

The spotlight is on patientcentered care, and every treatment plan is a customized masterpiece. Health status and financial situations set the stage for a unique performance for each patient. Enhancing the patient-doctor relationship? It’s an art and a science. Communication skills and empathy are the secret ingredients in this enchanting dance.
So, fellow dental enthusiasts, let’s keep grooving, evolving, and revolutionizing the world of dental education. The stage is set, the music is playing – let the dental revolution continue!

“My passion has always been to uplift the level of dental education in Malaysia for our fraternity”

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